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What can you find in
the wine cellar?

Various international grape varieties are grown in Croatian wine regions, but special attention is being paid to indigenous ones that shape the country’s oenological identity. Our aim is to showcase new, exciting wines from Croatia. We love wines which express a sense of place, that are made by local winemakers who have a passion for their wines and a respect for the environment. Our exclusive wine cellar keeps all of our lovely wines in tip-top condition for you to discover what Croatian wines are all about.





Croatia’s coastline and gem-like islands not only provide a setting for a memorable trip with spectacular scenery and fascinating history, but the ideal backdrop for a wine-soaked getaway. While those outside of the region may not be familiar with Croatian wines, viticulture holds a long legacy here.

Croatian wine

The grapes grown in Croatia change with the climate and culture. The main wines on the Istria Peninsula are red Teran and Borgonja, and white Malvazija Istarska. Further south, the red grape Babić is common along with versatile white Pošip which was originally grown in Korčula. Zinfandel, which may be called Crljenak Kaštelanski or Tribidrag depending on the specific location, tends to be spicy. The area around Dubrovnik is dominated by Plavac Mali with a savory, fig-flavored profile.